The Brand 180 is an online branding masterclass helping 

artists and designers find their voice.

​You will be guided step-by-step online in making decisions to identify your voice, conceptualise a visual identity that works, and turn your work into a brand you love-  that can't help but attract clients that love you back. 


... you struggle with making the "right" choice, worrying about relying on a second job, while feeling locked into a career path you don't want? Or maybe you're wanting to change direction and are secretly afraid of wasting your qualification. Or, do you struggle with putting your work on the line,  and the thought of talking to clients is overwhelming and nerve-wracking, and you just don't know where to start...?

Having worked with private clients in branding for the past eight years, I know intimately the struggles of self-promotion and personal branding. I have always felt my voice was important, but didn't always know how to reach the people that matter most, or how to talk to them. It wasn't until three years after graduating that I learnt to use my personal brand, and have felt the freedom that comes with the unbelievable options opening up in my career, working on projects I love. 







I created the Brand 180 to help you find absolute clarity. To create - not just visualise - a brand and life you really love. 

You can gain clarity about your practice and what you can offer your industry, so that you don't have to worry about relying on a second job  (you can offer more than you think!) 

If you're feeling unsure about taking the leap into a full-time creative career, the Brand 180 will guide you through the process of articulating your vision, and you will emerge with a strong sense of direction in your career and know that you can make it work for you.


If you want to work through the fear and confidently speak to clients, deliver an elevator pitch, and talk to media, I'm here to support you and give you the tools you need.


Inject freedom and choice back into your practice.

Designing a brand is achievable for many, BUT creating one that loves you back financially + emotionally from the very start is something only a few have achieved. Until now.


      If you create a brand with love - stories, desires, and intuition, it will love you right back, let me show you...



  • Step-by-step strategy to make decisions and confidently follow-through 

  • What your brand values are, and why they matter 

  • How to identify your unique message + target audience

  • How to passionately write about your practice and pitch your work to potential clients

  • The importance of personal image branding and how to create a strong presence in your industry.

  • How to speak to media/ Get media coverage

  • How to be interviewed without sounding shaky


  • Create a strong visual aesthetic that feels authentic

  • Develop a marketing strategy to drive your brand forward

  • Value your work and charge what you're worth 

  • Refine your public image and present your work confidently. 

  • Prevent burnout and create a sustainable work/life balance with productivity tools



  • 'Sales to Service' 1 hour video training: Changing the way you think about business as you know it

  • ​​​Social media strategy worksheet

  • ​​A group Q&A call to answer all your specific questions and get individual advice

  • ​​Ongoing email support

  • ​Opportunity for further, targeted 1:1 training

  • ​​Lifetime access to course material, opportunity to work at your own pace.



mid-October 2019





$199 (GST FREE)

"I know how to make the art, but I'm not a business person"