How MINUTIA works ...

As creatives ourselves we know business can be a scary thing. We will sit down with you and discuss your vision for the brand.


At Minutia, its all about DETAILS.

we start a conversation



brief the team

We are a collective of passionate freelance consultants, with specialties in fashion, design and creative practice.


After our initial meeting with you, we will share our insights with the rest of our creative associate network, and begin to brainstorm our concepts.

make a plan


Having an individually designed media and communications strategy is essential to creating interest in your brand.


Our team will create plan for how we are going to communicate your message.


we identify

Every brand has different needs, no two are exactly the same.


We hone your message and identify the audiences who would love to hear about you...

we start sharing


Minutia is about sharing your products and services with the world.


Utilising our relationships with media representatives and industry partners, we foster ongoing exposure opportunities for your brand in print, digital and social media.

we KEEP sharing


Maintaining an ongoing partnership with you is so important to us.


We only work with brands we love!


As your message evolves, so should your communications.


Establishing a strong connection with your business, we work along side you to continue to share your brand with the world.