who are we?

minutia ... where life is in the details



the small, precise, or trivial details of something.

writing for creatives done by creatives


MINUTIA is a media communications agency, specialising in strategic content for architects, designers and creative professionals.

Combining skill sets and expertise within the architecture and design industry with advertising, print and copywriting knowledge, Minutia is a diverse and comprehensive communications and media relations agency.

We can help with:

  • copywriting and content creation

  • media and/or public relations

  • project communications

  • producing portfolio monographs and compendiums

  • brand consultancy and reputation management


Minutia is a networking agency, made up of a community of passionate creatives from diverse creative fields such as design, fashion, architecture and creative arts.

Creative people understand other creative people in ways that traditional communications companies might not.


We love to tell your story ...


Nathan is a design thinker, writer, editor and commentator. He has strong interests and experience in discursive literature, visual art, fashion, music, jewellery and performance art practices. He is the Founding Director of Minutia.

He has been an active design commentator since 2013, starting as contributing fashion editor for the online publication, Yves Manzine.

Nathan is a trained interior designer and former editor of annual design publication FORM Journal. He is a widely published design writer on titles including The Adelaide Review, HOT100 Wines, LUXURY and Marmalade magazines.

As a freelance consultant and writer working on both commercial and private projects in Australia, Nathan has engaged exstensively with businesses on collaborative branding campaigns, assisting with their creative direction + brand positioning. He has also studied entrepreneuriship, leadership and communications.

Seeing a need in the market, Nathan founded Minutia to help connect creative businesses with the wider media landscape, drawing upon his years of experience in the media and publishing industry.